Articles How to Catch Northern Pike on Tobin Lake

“How to catch Northern Pike on Tobin Lake”

by Shawn M. Koester | download and print this article

Northern Pike are one of the most aggressive species of fish in the food chain consuming just about very type of bait fish (even themselves)! They put up a great fight for fishermen and offer excellent tasting table fare. A 5 pound fish can easily feed a family. People often stray away from eating because filleting is a more intensive job; having to remove both rib and ‘y’ bones from the carcass.

Northerns, or Jackfish as they’re sometimes called, can be caught on both the river and lake sections of Tobin Lake in spring, summer and fall seasons using a variety of presentations and in differing weather conditions. You can fish from shore or off your boat – Troll, cast and retrieve, suspend baits etc. and enjoy the fast strike, but hold on for the ride. For these reasons, anglers are enticed for the opportunity to go for that 20-25 pound lunker!

Don’t be surprised when you hook into a substantial fish when you’re targeting walleye. Northern pike will literally snap @ anything. Here’s some of the tackle that’s been known to attract them:

  • Jigs
  • Spinners
  • Harnesses
  • Spoons
  • Crank baits
  • Pickerel rigs
  • Swim baits

Couple the above with curly tails, leeches, minnows, smelts and it definitely gets their attention. Colour choices aren’t that important, however, can be contingent on water clarity. Imitation baits, colour, flash, rattling noises making water propulsion or disturbance are helpful tips. PS – barbless treble or ‘j’ hooks only.

It’s recommended that you have a 6 1/2 – 7 foot medium to medium heavy action rod equipped with a minimum of 10-12 pound monofilament test line. Use a spinning or bait casting reel. Braided line also works well. It’s best to have a leader because these are toothy devils. Also, wear a glove when handling and good set of long needle nosed pliers available. Experience indicates that even smaller fish can thrash and cut you for a couple stitches.

Northern Pike primarily feed in shallower areas with access to deeper water and forage cover for protection. A general rule of thumb = 6 – 25 feet. Good luck!