Articles Quick Strike Rigs for Trophy Northern Pike

“Quick Strike Rigs for Trophy Northern Pike”

by Shawn M. Koester | download and print this article

I learned this technique from friends on Tobin Lake in September, 2013 and wish to share this knowledge with you! It’s an effective method to fish the big lake. Success in fishing is never guaranteed, however, last fall Julie and I both landed 40+ inch northern pike @ over 20 pounds in 8-12 feet of water = lots of fun!

Instructions – How to Slip Bob:

*Recommend 6 1/2 – 7 ft+ medium heavy rod with 12+ lb test line*

  • thread your fishing line through the wire bobber stop eyelet
  • slide the bobber stop over your fishing line (line will be doubled over)
  • pull the free end of the fishing line through the bobber stop
  • slide the bobber stop 3-4 feet up your line
  • slide the slip bobber float on your fishing line up to the bobber stop
  • tie a leader or snap swivel on your fishing line with a simple clinch knot
  • attach the quick strike rig to the leader or snap swivel
  • de-barb the treble hooks
  • bait the rig using large frozen chub mackerel or smelts (8-9 inches long)
  • hook the front treble through the head, wrap the trailing treble around the bait
  • the rig should ‘suspend’
  • cast away from the boat
  • wait for the bobber to disappear, set the hook, hang on and reel!