Articles Rigging for Trophy Walleye

“Rigging for Trophy Walleye on Tobin Lake”

by Shawn M. Koester | download and print this article

This is an ideal method for fishing river systems. It’s produced countless slot size walleye @ 55-86 cm on the river portion of Tobin Lake. I try to drift @ 1.4 mph (or less) and keep the boat out of the main current, near ridges and structure. This is best accomplished with an electric trolling motor. I generally target a depth of 18 feet. Rigging @ all times of the day has been effective.

Instructions – How to Rig:

*Recommend 6 1/2 – 7 1/2 foot medium light to medium action rod with 8-10 pound monofilament or fluorocarbon test*

  1. set your drag mechanism @ medium resistance
  2. slide the walking sinker weight on your main line
  3. tie the snap swivel to your main line using a simple clinch knot
  4. connect the rig to the clasp
  5. pinch the barb on the hook (if the lark rules are barbless)
  6. bait the hook with a big leech
  7. submerge the rig
  8. attempt to keep your main line @ a 45 degree angle to the water
  9. you’ll know you have enough line out when you feel the weight skip or scratch
  10. the leech will float just off the river bottom
  11. set the hook after you detect a long pull
  12. if it feels like a snag, you more than likely have a good one!


  • 3/8 ounce walking sinker (lead, orange or chartreuse colour)
  • #2 red octopus beak hook
  • 12 lb. fluorocarbon leader
  • 6 feet of leader material